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Regular massage during pregnancy is highly beneficial for mother and unborn child and can result in fewer complications during pregnancy and labour. Numerous changes take place in the mother’s body as the baby develops, putting extra pressure on joints, ligaments and organs, which can cause pain and discomfort. Massage can help to alleviate these feelings.

The unborn child also benefits greatly from massage as endorphins released by the mother during the massage, are passed onto the baby.

The treatments we have designed from the specialised training we have received in pregnancy massage, will improve quality of sleep, reduce headaches, bring relief from heartburn and bring balance and harmony to the mind, helping to calm the expectant mother.

Essencia Pregnancy Back Massage

Experience a relaxing back massage whilst seated on a comfortable chair. This soothing massage provides relief from the everyday discomforts associated with pregnancy.
30 Mins – £25.00



Pregnancy Day Spa

Our pregnancy Day Spa includes all the luxuries associated with our traditional Day Spa Package, but we substitute the body treatment with the Baby Bump Pamper below.


Baby Bump Pamper

The Baby Bump Pamper begins with a gentle exfoliation of the body using Indian Butter Peel. To bring you and your unborn child into a state of relaxation we apply a mask to your bump of either Chocolate or Mud. Chocolate releases your Endorphins and these are passed to your unborn child. Pregnancy Massage is then applied to entire body including face and scalp and helps you prepare for changes that occur during your pregnancy, promoting a healthy and happy pregnancy.
1.5 Hours – £60.00


In the atmosphere of snow in January, the serenity of Essencia and the relaxing massage was exactly what we needed. - Thank you was blissful.

Diane Pegler

Excellent. Tracey and the rest of the staff are always friendly and do an excellent job. I Enjoy my visits to Essencia.

Chris Higgins

Every visit is a good experience, never disappointed, good treatment in a good salon with friendly helpful staff.

Brenda Norris