Body Clinic Treatments


Pressotherapy eases poor circulation, tired legs and fluid retention and is a good all round relaxer and re-generator of the Lymph and Venous systems in the Body.

Get snugly wrapped up into your half body suit and let the Pressor machine drain away life’s stresses and strains. Safely treats Cellulite, Tired Legs/Drainage, Body Contouring and Fluid Retention. The Pressor machine gently applies even pressure in a upward movement from the toes to the abdomen a totally relaxing treatment.

30 Mins – £30.00


In the atmosphere of snow in January, the serenity of Essencia and the relaxing massage was exactly what we needed. - Thank you was blissful.

Diane Pegler

Excellent. Tracey and the rest of the staff are always friendly and do an excellent job. I Enjoy my visits to Essencia.

Chris Higgins

Every visit is a good experience, never disappointed, good treatment in a good salon with friendly helpful staff.

Brenda Norris