London Facialist Sep Vashani

Essencia introduces Radio Frequency treatments for the Face and Body and LED Blue & Red Mask treatments by Top London Facialist Sep Vashani

Sep Vashani has over 14 years experience as a highly qualified Therapist and Facialist and over the past 6 years has obtained an additional 44 qualifications.

Specialising in many treatments, Sep Vashani will be bringing to Essencia – Radio Frequency treatments for the Face and Body, LED Mask Blue treatments for Acne/Congested skin and LED Red Mask treatments for Skin Rejuvenation, Anti-Ageing and Healing.

Sep Vashani at Essencia

Sep is also currently treating and has previously treated many top clients including Made in Chelsea Stars, Top Model Sasha Abraham and Nese Halil and VIPs in Kensington and West London.


Everyone wants smooth, tight, firm skin – it is an accepted part of looking healthy and youthful. As you age, your skin’s collagen and elastin simply break down faster than your body can rebuild them, causing your skin to lose elasticity which often leads to wrinkles and pockets of loose sagging skin. Unfortunately for women menopause accelerates this ageing process.

Benefits of Radio frequency skin tightening
Radio frequency is extremely effective for reducing the early signs of loose or sagging skin for patients in their thirties who want a treatment without swelling or bruising that gives slow and progressive results. It is ideal for:
– Wrinkles around the eyes.
– Reducing early signs of eye bags.
– Lifting early signs of sagging jowls.
– Tightening saggy arms and thighs.
– Tightening large areas around the tummy.
– Excellent treatment to lift the gluteus (Buttocks)

Key facts about our Radio frequency treatments
– A great treatment for needle phobic patients.
– A great treatment for patients who do not want any swelling or bruising.
– This is a comfortable and relaxing treatment.
– You need a course of 6 treatments – 1 every 2 weeks.
– Results are progressive and will continue to improve for up to 6 months after treatment.
– To maintain results you should have an individual treatment every 1-3 months.
– A consultation is required prior to booking a course.

Full Face Power Lift (60 minutes) £150
Neck & Décolletage Lift (45 minutes) £125
Jowline lift (40 minutes) £125
Express RF Lift (30 minutes) £120
Eye & Brow Lift (30 minutes) £100

Total Body Liposlim (60 minutes) £150
Power Lift (60 minutes) £125
Lifting & tightening (45 minutes) £125
Cellulite Reduction (45 minutes) £125
Reduce Fat & Relax (45 minutes) £125
Back Sculpting (30 minutes) £100
Knee Remodeling (30 minutes) £100
Slim Arms (30 minutes) £100
Bikini Bum (30 minutes) £100
Flat Tummy (30 minutes) £100
Express RF Lift (30 minutes) £100



The treatment is for Acne and Congested skin. The Blue Light treatment has powerful, anti-bacterial properties, that decongest and purify acne and problem skin, which helps to normalise sebum production. The Blue Light also promotes calming and relaxation.
£55.00 per 30 minute treatment



This treatment is for Skin Rejuvenation, Anti-Ageing and Healing. Red Light is beneficial for all skin types and has anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory effects on the skin. The LED red light has been proven to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, improving skin texture, whilst increasing circulation and lymphatic drainage.
£55.00 per 30 minute treatment


In the atmosphere of snow in January, the serenity of Essencia and the relaxing massage was exactly what we needed. - Thank you was blissful.

Diane Pegler

Excellent. Tracey and the rest of the staff are always friendly and do an excellent job. I Enjoy my visits to Essencia.

Chris Higgins

Every visit is a good experience, never disappointed, good treatment in a good salon with friendly helpful staff.

Brenda Norris