Spa Senses Rituals


Detox Cure

This treatment eliminates toxins from the body and provides a sense of renewal to the skin. Orange Body peeling deeply exfoliates the skin, whilst a detoxifying wrap of Green Tea and Vitamin C removes impurities. Thai Massage is applied to the hands, arms and head, followed with an Holistic Massage using cream with extracts of Bamboo, Lotus Flower and Water Lily, completing the Detoxifying experience. Mother earth plants promote detoxification, protection, repair and regeneration.
1.5 Hours – £70.00


Thermal Salt Peeling

Exfoliating purifier with thermal salts that renew and detoxify the skin.
45 Mins – £30.00


Spiced Butter Peeling

Jojoba micro-particles melt on the skin whilst exfoliating, leaving a silky feel on the skin.
45 Mins – £31.00


Citric Peeling

Renewing and oxygenating, with orange, grape and Lychee particles. A complex of citric fruits that completely renew the skin.
45 Mins – £32.00


Sapphire Experience

Vitality experience begins with a Sea Salt Body Polish followed with a Sapphire revitalising wrap, crystalline particles of Sapphire boost vitality and energy levels renewing the body and skin whilst promoting Spiritual harmony. Creamy rich and velvety to the touch, with flashes of Sapphire. Immersed in the experience of massage, Vitality offers a new experience to the senses.
2 Hours – £80.00


Anti-Fatigue Experience

Deep relaxing massage to awaken the senses. Your experience begins with a Sea Salt Body Polish, which reconditions, purifies and cleanses the skin, followed by a Remineralising Mud Wrap with Hematite, improving skin tone and texture, relaxation of the senses with a full body massage with the use of Crystals and incorporating five chakras of the body, removing blockages in the energy channels and absorbing negative energy. A complete sensory experience, uplifting and relaxing, whilst cleansing the inner self.
2 Hours – £80.00


Hypnose Experience

Energy balance is vital to correct the stresses and strains of modern living. The ritual of relaxation offers the experience of uniting mind and body into a state of deep sensory relaxation. Indian Peeling Butter exfoliates the body, fundamental points of energy create deep relaxation for mind, body and soul. Hypnose experience draws energy from the environment, surroundings and aromas, as you enter into Eastern and Ayurvedic therapies. Balancing Chakras and energy points with Tridosha massage oil. A unique experience for the senses. With Oils of Ylang Ylang, Lemon, Neroli, Lavender and Myrrh.
2 Hours – £80.00


In the atmosphere of snow in January, the serenity of Essencia and the relaxing massage was exactly what we needed. - Thank you was blissful.

Diane Pegler

Excellent. Tracey and the rest of the staff are always friendly and do an excellent job. I Enjoy my visits to Essencia.

Chris Higgins

Every visit is a good experience, never disappointed, good treatment in a good salon with friendly helpful staff.

Brenda Norris