Autumn is here and we have some fabulous offers to leave you looking youthful and feeling relaxed...


Autumn is here which means it’s the perfect time to peel and hydrate the skin with our new combo Dermapeel Pro & Power Hyaluronic treatment!

Our no down time Dermapeel Pro treatments uses a 50% acid mix with an enzyme, this speeds up cell turnover and can help with many skin concerns. From pigmentation to scarring, fine lines, wrinkles, breakouts and skin texture.

We also have peptides that work down to the base of the skin, releasing cells continuously for 2 weeks after the first treatment. It also helps to break down and remove pigmentation and stops it from returning.

To make this facial even more special we have included a Power Hyaluronic treatment. The peel leaves the skin looking clean and fresh. Once we add the Hyaluronic Acid to the skin it instantly plumps out any fine lines caused from dehydration. HA is essential for your skin hydration, especially if you have redness, it feels tight or sensitive.

Jess explains it all in our Dermapeel Pro treatment video, click here to watch

Buy 4 treatments for £340 & receive a FREE Dermapeel Pro 8% cream worth £66

Both before & afters are after just 1 session of Dermapeel Pro with Power Hyaluronic


Do you or your children suffer with oily skin, open pores, blackheads and acne?

It can be present on the face, chest and/or back. This is because we have the most sebaceous glands in these areas and it becomes easy for the oil to become trapped and block the hair follicle, causing acne.

80% of the population suffer with acne at some stage in their life. 90% of 10-16 year olds and 70% between 16-25 year olds have acne.

Clear Balance regulates the oil and keratin production in the skin as well as using peptides that act like an anti-biotic to treat the acne and to help build up the immune system for the skin to stop any infection building up in the skin.

We know first-hand that doctors will give out medication such as anti-biotics and Roaccutane which aren’t ideal to be taking long-term. Your body can get used to the anti-biotics, making them less effective when needed for illness later on and as soon as you finish the course the acne reappears. Roaccutane makes the skin become very sensitive and can have seriously bad side effects.

If your child has bad breakouts or is suffering with acne please come and see us for a free consultion where we can discuss the other options for clearing up the acne. We have a skin scan device where we can look deep into the skin and see if there bacterica building up. It could be as simple as having an extraction and adding saliclic into their cleansing routine!

Under 25 years receive 25% off treatment and products!


Eternal is a luxurious and powerful treatment, delivering immediate and long-lasting results for ageing, damaged skin. Using award winning stem cells from the Swiss apples it nourishes and improves the regeneration of the epidermal stem cells, whilst protecting them from UV damage.

This treatment is amazing for smoothing out wrinkles, intensely hydrating, improving elasticity, tone and texture.

Enjoy a free 30 minute back with our pampering Eternal facial for just £59 Saving £46!


Sending a gift card gives your giftee the flexibility to get the treatment they’ve been craving.

We offer gift cards that cater for all gift buying budgets. Pick one of our pre-loaded gift card values or choose your own.

Top your gift card up with any amount between £10 and £500 and we’ll pop it in one of our special gift card wallets and send it directly to your recipient.

Call us to purchase your gift card on 01375 673444

In the atmosphere of snow in January, the serenity of Essencia and the relaxing massage was exactly what we needed. - Thank you was blissful.

Diane Pegler

Excellent. Tracey and the rest of the staff are always friendly and do an excellent job. I Enjoy my visits to Essencia.

Chris Higgins

Every visit is a good experience, never disappointed, good treatment in a good salon with friendly helpful staff.

Brenda Norris